Choose A FUN-Filled Class!

Our fantastic classes aim to deliver fun and engaging children’s dance, drama and gymnastics classes and teach children key skills; all whilst allowing children to build their confidence and make new friends!


Frequently Asked Questions

What do children need to wear to classes?

At Kiddie Groove, we do not have a set uniform and so we just ask that parents bring their children in clothing which is both comfortable and suitable for a lot of moving around.

If you are taking part in our Ballet Tap classes, we would eventually advise on getting ballet and tap shoes, but these are not required straight away.

What ages are your classes aimed for?

Depending on the venue that you are looking to attend, we offer classes for children aged between 2-11 years.

Please check our class timetables to see if we offer a class at your venue for your child’s age.

Are your classes for both boys and girls?

Yes – we accept both boys and girls into all of our classes.

Are classes suitable for my child?

Our classes are active, adventurous and energizing and there will be a lot of moving around.

We always recommend that children try our classes first; if they shouldn’t feel our classes are right for them, you can always cancel your enrollment with 14 days notice (see our terms & conditions).

My child has a disability – can they still join?

At Kiddie Groove, we have an open policy, meaning we welcome all children to our classes, no matter of any disability.

We encourage all children to get involved with our classes and participate and we can work with you to provide reasonable adjustment, if applicable.

How much do classes cost?

Class prices do vary depending on the age, venue and class that you are taking.

In general, all classes start from £3.50 per child per class, but Stage Groove and Gymnastics cost £5.50 per child per class. When you do sign up to multiple classes, you do also take advantage of our multi-class discount.

Why do your classes have age limits?

Our classes have age limits as classes have been specifically designed for this age range in mind. As such, we want to ensure that all children get the most from our classes.

If your child is currently too young, we would advise waiting until they are about to turn 2 years old before booking on to our classes.