Terms AND Conditions



These terms are effective as of 1st January 2017, with the latest revision of these terms having been made on 5th July 2018.


The following agreement is made between:


  • Kiddie Groove Limited with registered company number 11153066 in England and Wales and registered address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, United Kingdom, N1 7GU; “the Company”, “Kiddie Groove”, “we”, “us”, “our”.
  • The registered parent or guardian who enrols at least one child into Kiddie Groove classes and services; “the Parent”, “the Guardian”, “you”, “your”. The student(s) that you bring to our classes or engage with services with us shall be referred to as “the Student”, “Students”, “Child” or “Children” throughout this agreement.


We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions at any time – it is your responsibility to ensure that you agree and comply to our updated terms and conditions by continuing to use the service we offer. By continuing to use the service, we assume that you agree to these terms and conditions – if you should not agree to these terms and conditions, you must cancel all services inline with the terms and conditions that you previously agreed to within 48 hours of these terms being updated; otherwise, you will be bound by the updated version of these terms and conditions.


By agreeing to these terms and conditions and/or using our services, you are bound by the following terms:




  • By signing up and joining classes, you agree to be signed up into a continuous weekly enrolment contract. This enrolment shall continue, with you being bound by the listed terms until enrolment is cancelled under section 2 of these terms.
  • You will be charged a weekly “tuition” amount each week via your Parent Portal account. This charge is due by the displayed date shown on your account or statement; late payments may incur late fees. This amount is agreed when you originally sign up to a class but may vary throughout enrolment is change classes/class prices change.
  • We reserve the right to update/modify all pricing for our classes during enrolment at any time.
  • You will be financially and legally responsible for making payment for any charges issued to you by us.
  • You will be charged each week (where classes are running), regardless of any absence or inability to make a certain week; only classes which are cancelled or not planned to be running will not be charged for.
  • Payment for the first week is required to secure your child’s place into our classes; classes are then charged through our Parent Portal online service each week where you will be required to make payment each week.
  • If a child should be absent from their enrolment for 4 consecutive weeks, we reserve the right to cancel your enrolment with us, in-line with section 2 of these terms; any outstanding payments will still be due by you.




  • To cancel your enrolment, you must give 14 days’ notice.
  • To give notice, you must email [email protected] with your full name, students names and email address connected to your parent portal account; the 14-day period shall be effective from the date and time when we receive the email (when you receive an automated response from us).
  • Any classes inside of this 14-day period (whether attended or not) shall be charged as normal until the effective cancellation date.
  • If you do not attend at least one class within the first two weeks of enrolment; we reserve the right to cancel your enrolment with us; otherwise, if you do not attend at least one class within four consecutive weeks, we may cancel your enrolment with us.
  • You will still be responsible for making payment for any outstanding fees and charges due to you after classes have been cancelled; we will still attempt to collect due payments, where required.
  • Upon terminating your enrolment with us, your account and information will remain on our system if you should want to enrol again within the future; you can find out more about how we store your data in section 10 of these terms and conditions.
  • After the effective date of cancellation, your child’s enrolment will be removed, and this place will then become publicly available to book to other customers.
  • We reserve the right to preserve this agreement and contract if you should have any outstanding balance or credit owed to the business; you will be unable to cancel your enrolment whenever you have credit owed to us.




  • We have a variety of online payment methods available; these include (but not limited to) PayPal, debit/credit card and AutoPay.
  • Cash payments, cheque payments or any form of alternative offline form of payment is not accepted. We reserve the right to refuse any form of payment method.
  • Classes are charged for on a weekly basis; payments are expected to be paid on a weekly continuous basis.
  • AutoPay is an additional optional payment service which we provide alongside our partners and payment processors – this is an optional service which allows automatic payments to be taken from a chosen debit/credit card – any parent who signs up to AutoPay understands that:
    1. All data collected when signing up to AutoPay shall remain between Kiddie Groove Limited, online service providers and online payment processors that we work with until a notification of enrolment cancellation is given or if you decide to remove the AutoPay function. After this effective termination of AutoPay, any personal data collected via this method will be removed by our online suppliers but may be withheld by Kiddie Groove Limited and online payment providers for security, accounting, and administration reasons.
    2. Payments will be automatically taken with authorization from the connected debit/credit card when signing up to AutoPay; you grant Kiddie Groove Limited access to charge for any services, products, or outstanding credit balances that you may owe to the company – this may be charged at any time.
    3. Payments will be charged whenever a negative balance is present on the online account.
    4. Kiddie Groove Limited is not responsible for any overdraft or bank charges which may be charged onto you because of the use of our AutoPay service.
    5. Refunds are unable to be processed as outlined within section 4 of these terms.
    6. The company is not liable for any administrative or technical errors which may cause your account to be charged incorrectly; we will (in our sole discretion) ensure that any overpayments are made up to you (excluding any bank charges or fees).
  • Late fees will be issued on top of existing charges where payment has not been made by the required “due date” as indicated on statements and within your online Parent Portal account. The following late fee terms shall apply:
    1. When payment has not been made by the “due date”, on the first day overdue a standard £1.00 charge shall be issued to you per overdue student on your account. After this date, every 5 days, your account will be issued an additional £1.00 charge up to a maximum of 4 additional times. As a result, the maximum late fee that you will receive per student per individual weekly class charge is £5.00 up to a maximum of 21 days after the initial charge date.
    2. If payment should not be made after 30 days of the initial charge date, we may be required to resort to an external debt collection agency, as outlined within clause 6 of this section.
    3. Late fees will still be continued to be issued and will be liable to be paid for any overdue charges which are yet to be paid after enrolment cancellation.
    4. A charge will only be marked as paid when full payment for the individual charged item has been paid for in full (including an additional fees, charges or late fees connected to this charged item).
  • All charges made by us are charged in-line with these terms and conditions; in the event of any chargeback or similar behaviour, we may claim against you any bank charges that are applied to us, along with the value of the refund you may have claimed back. All evidence, including your personal information and data may be forwarded between your bank and the companies bank to resolve any behaviour of this nature.
  • Charges issued by us are provided with a “due date”; any charges which have not received payment in over 30 days of the effective charge date may result in the company referring any debts owed to Kiddie Groove Limited to an external debt collection agency. Additional charges may be issued to you for the use of this service. We reserve the right to forward your personal information and payment history over to this agency. The outstanding charge will then have to be settled by this collection agency directly.
  • We will not be responsible for any additional charges charged to you by us for any payments which have failed or were unsuccessful.




  • All payments made via our online Parent Portal service are non-refundable. In our sole direction, Kiddie Groove Limited may authorize refunds on a case-to-case basis, although the company shall have the final say.
  • Payments may not be transferred between online accounts or student profiles, unless authorized by the company.
  • Payments may not be transferred between other products and services offered by the company, unless authorized by the company.
  • Refunds shall not be granted where enrolment has been cancelled and there is a positive credit balance in the account; this credit shall remain for the near future and can be used towards payment for classes in the future.




  • Classes which are running will be charged in full, regardless of any absence or notification of absence other than those stated within clause 5 of this section.
  • As part of your enrolment, you will be liable to make all payments to the company as normal in the event of any absence by any student. The regular weekly “tuition” rate shall be charged as normal, dependent on the type and number of classes taken by each individual student.
  • Any absent classes within the 14-day enrolment cancellation period will still be charged for and payment will be required, as per section 3 of these terms and conditions.
  • Any class which may have been cancelled or is scheduled to be cancelled will not be charged, for any student of that class.
  • In some situations, in our sole discretion, we may waive any charges issued where absence is under any of the following scenarios and at least 4 hours’ notice has been given:
    1. A student has a medical condition which may result in them being unable to participate within classes; to provide proof, we must receive a signed GP letter with the student’s full name and dated within the last 6 months, stating why there are unable to take part in classes and the length of time they will be unable to attend classes for.
    2. A student has become hospitalized.
  • A student has had a friend or family bereavement which may limit their ability to attend classes.
  1. A student is participating in a Kiddie Groove approved activity outside of regular classes.
  2. A student has been unable to attend classes due to a factor outside of their control and there would be no possibility of them being able to attend classes or be able to engage in classes because of this (subject to approval by us – please provide as much proof and detail as possible).
  • Classes will still be charged for, despite any unauthorized absence. This includes, up to and including, the cancellation of enrolment effective date. Any unpaid items will be collected as normal, as per section 3 of these terms and conditions.
  • From time-to-time, we may offer additional classes, rehearsals and another service which may run outside standard enrolment dates; we will always give at least 14 days’ notice for these dates, where you have to give us notice of 10 days in advance of the date to be not charged for this additional date; if we give you less than 14 days’ notice, you must then give us 72 hours’ notice in advance of the date to be not charged for this additional date; if we should give you notice in less than 72 hours’ notice, you reserve the right to be absent from this date without being charged (although attending this date will still be charged). This does not apply to standard operating classes which are enrolled into as usual.




  • We reserve the right to cancel, modify or change any of our classes at any time without any prior notice. This includes the complete cancellation of a class, a one-off or multi-week cancellation, a change in time or date of the class, the location of the class or the form of class that will be offered.
  • We will still charge, as normal, despite any change or modification of the class; unless the class has been cancelled and will not be running and as such, you will not be charged for any class dates which are deemed cancelled by Kiddie Groove Limited.
  • No compensation or other reward will be provided if classes are cancelled, changed, or modified.
  • From time-to-time, we may offer additional classes, rehearsals or another service which may run on dates outside of our usual class dates and times; we will always give in advance of 14 days’ notice where any of these events may be running. You must give us prior notice of 10 days if you should be unable to attend this additional date, else you will still be charged for this additional class, as per section 3 of these terms and conditions.
  • We reserve the right to deny entry to any child/parent for any reason to the class, the venue, or the premises. The venue, in their sole discretion may also limit access to or prevent access to the venue; Kiddie Groove Limited will not be held responsible if you are unable to attend these classes for these reasons and you will still be charged as per section 3 of these terms and conditions.
  • We reserve the right to search, confiscate and (if necessary) destroy any prohibited items into our classes – some items include (but not limited to): weapons, knives, drugs, alcohol, suspicious items, items which may cause harm to others, offensive and/or rude items or items which we deem could provide a risk to others.
  • All parents and children must follow all instructions given by class teachers, staff, and venue staff. Failure to comply may result in you being removed from classes and prevented from participating further.
  • Any parent or child being abusive or threatening towards another parent, child or staff member will be removed from the class with immediate effect. We reserve the right to cancel your enrolment and prevent you from accessing further classes.
  • We reserve the right to ban, suspend or prevent access to any part of our classes or the venue; we also reserve the right to cancel your enrolment with us.
  • Students who are not enrolled at least 1 hour prior to the class start time may be prevented from taking part in classes. Those children who are not enrolled into classes will be unable to take part in classes.
  • All parents must remain on the venue premises always whilst classes are running; parents must pickup their children before leaving the venue. You must be available always to supervise your child; Kiddie Groove Limited accepts no responsibility over the supervision of your child whilst in our classes.




  • Kiddie Groove Limited uses and preserves safeguarding law to all students participating within our classes.
  • If we should feel, for any reason or if in doubt, that a child is being abused, threatened, or mistreated, we will inform the authorities and the companies safeguarding team in full disclosure from parents.
  • If you should ever need to report a safeguarding issue or potential safeguarding issue, please contact our safeguarding team using the contact information found at the bottom of these terms and conditions.
  • You must disclose if the child you are bringing to classes has a hidden identity which should not be found online; this way we can prevent any information or photos of them being produced online or within the public eye. We cannot be held responsible for any breaches prior to you letting us know by emailing our safeguarding team. Original identity or more information is not required or expected.
  • Never disclose safeguarding investigations with other parents, students, or staff; only contact our safeguarding team using the provided methods at the bottom of these terms and conditions.
  • Kiddie Groove Limited, by default, reserves the right to use your child’s first name, middle name, last name, age and photograph in online activity, promotional advertising and/or marketing, by enrolling into our classes you automatically accept this term; if you should not want your child to be featured as part of this you must let us know by contacting our safeguarding team. We may be unable to remove any promotional material or online activity which may have been published prior to you contacting us. Please allow up to 30 days for us to respond to your request – we may still publish material within this time.
  • You must give at least 30 days’ notice of any safeguarding issues; we will not respond until this time as a minimum.
  • Any promotional and marketing material featuring your child (information or data) may be used by the company and remains our intellectual property; we reserve the right to retain and keep any existing material but will cease to produce material if notice is given.




  • Kiddie Groove Limited is the sole owner of all intellectual property found on our website and in classes, unless otherwise stated.
  • Parents, students, and staff may not use the company’s intellectual property under any circumstances, unless prior written permission from Kiddie Groove Limited is provided and authorized; the use of intellectual property includes (but not limited to) online publishing, offline publishing, use of trademarks and use of copyrighted content.
  • Any unauthorized use of any intellectual property by any individual or party may result in a cease and desist notice being issued and may be eventually followed up by court proceedings under UK Copyright & Intellectual Property law.
  • You are permitted to take photographs and videos of our classes (providing that no other parent or student objects). All material captured in our classes will become property of Kiddie Groove Limited and we can use all content for business, marketing or promotional purposes without further consent needing to be required.




  • Kiddie Groove Limited and/or it’s staff and/or parents are not liable to any form of damage/theft and or loss of personal property and assets, including (but not limited to):
    1. Personal belongings and possessions.
    2. Vehicles and modes of transport.
    3. Any form of valuable.
  • Kiddie Groove Limited accepts no responsibility for any loss/and or damage suffered by parents or students because of failure to comply with these terms and conditions or behaving in a way which does not line-up with these set terms and conditions.
  • CCTV may be used throughout our venues and premises; you agree to allow us to use CCTV cameras for the safety and wellbeing of all parents, students, and staff; these systems are mainly monitored by external and third-party partners but Kiddie Groove Limited has the right to request and retain any CCTV footage that we may require – including any footage contacting any parents, students, or staff.
  • Any vehicles parked whilst attending classes are parked at the owner’s risk; we or our venue partners do not accept any form of liability for any loss and/or damage to your vehicle because of attending our classes; whether parked on venue property or not.
  • We are not liable for any loss/damage that may arise by travelling to our classes; we are also not liable for any disappointment or travelling expenses that may be incurred by travelling to our classes (whether our classes are running or not).
  • For any breaches of liability, you must contact our public liability insurance agent; details can be found at the bottom of these terms and conditions.
  • We may use you and/or your students photograph and/or information within our promotional and/or marketing material; all material is the property of Kiddie Groove Limited and shall remain so unconditionally. You agree to allow us to use this material by acceptance of these terms and conditions and use of our service.
  • Our online payments are handled by external payment merchant partners; we accept no responsibility for any loss and/or damage caused to your financial bank and merchant accounts because of using these online payment merchant services.
  • Before attending classes, you must make us aware of any medical conditions that a student may have that may inhibit their ability to take part in all or certain parts of the classes; we accept no responsibility for any loss and/or damage caused by you not notifying us of any medical conditions of any students. Likewise, you should also ensure that the correct medical equipment is on hand and always present within classes with a trained and/or authorized person to apply this equipment.




  • By signing up to an account with us, you agree for Kiddie Groove Limited to collect, store and retain the following personal information about you and any students that you sign up as a student profile within your account:
    1. First Name’s
    2. Middle Name’s
  • Last Name’s
  1. Preferred Name’s
  2. Date of Birth’s
  3. Gender’s
  • Addresses’
  • Email Addresses’
  1. Phone Numbers
  2. Medical Information
  3. Photo’s
  • Lead Sources’
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Payment Details & Information
  • Kiddie Groove Limited will collect, store, and retain any information provided to us; we may also share this information with our partners (such as service providers) and companies which we work with to be able to provide a service to you. We will also store this information online which can be accessed by company staff members, contractors, and any person with authorized access to this system by the company.
  • Passwords are used to restrict access to our online system and service to only authorized users; we accept no responsibility for the breach of your data because of passwords being breached because of no action of our own. We will always notify you where a beach has occurred and always offer advise on how to proceed.
  • Upon enrolling from our service, your account and data will remain on our system by default for the event where you may want to return to use our class services in the future. If you should no longer want any data to be stored about you or any student, you must request this directly by contacting our privacy team using the details found at the bottom of these terms and conditions; please allow up to 30 days for us to respond to your request and remove your data from our databases and data stores.
  • We must collect, store, use and retain all data that we collect about you for us to be able to enrol and offer a service to you; if you no longer want your data to be stored, you must cancel enrolment in-line with section 2 of these terms and conditions.
  • You agree to allow the company to use your contact information for informative, marketing and or promotional purposes; if you do not want to receive this communication, you may unsubscribe from this service at any time from within your parent portal account or by contacting our privacy team.
  • CCTV is used throughout our venues; you agree to allow us to use this service to view and record for security, operations, and monitoring purposes. Our venues and partners may have access to this store and control its data on our behalf.
  • We may, from time-to-time, use your (or any students) photograph and/or data for marketing and/or promotional purposes; you agree to allow us to use your photographs for these purposes unconditionally.
  • When using our online service, you may make online transactions through us and our parents; please review all terms and conditions and polices of all our payment merchant partners before proceeding with payment – we cannot be held responsible for any negligence to these additional terms and conditions when using select payment merchant partners.
  • We reserve the right to retain any data about you, despite any removal of data requests, if you have any outstanding charges to your account or you are still enrolled into classes and contracted as part of these terms and conditions. We may also, in our sole discretion, forward your data to any external third-party debt collection agents to collect any outstanding charges due to the company prior to removing your data.
  • Kiddie Groove Limited reserves the right to retain any payment data about you, including (but not limited to): your name(s), your email addresses, your addresses, your phone numbers, transaction details and values or card details. This data will be retained by the company for as long as required for business, administrative and/or accounting reasons.
  • You may, at any time, request all data that we store about you and any students connected to your account; we may require proof of identity and you must give at least 30 days for this request to be met.







To be used to cancel any class enrolment with us.


[email protected]

0808 169 5750




To be used to report any issues with children within classes.


[email protected]




To be used for any privacy or data storage issues.


[email protected]




By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree unconditionally to all terms set out within this agreement. By attending classes, you agree and will conserve the terms and conditions set forward within this agreement.